Why is it important?

As armed conflicts, human made famines and disasters increase so will the population of refugees. This will put a great tax on any system. The goal of the refugee railroad is to provide logistical clarity to what is needed and to continue to support bringing individuals out of refugee status.

"There are over 65 million refugees to date and the average time in a camp is 17 years"


How crowdsourcing and AI improves coordination...

By partnering with organizations who work directly with refugees Refugee Railroad can provide global clarity to any one refugee camp, their needs and plan escape velocity from refugee status for individual refugees.

Using and improving upon computational models that improve resource management refugee camps can begin to assess what actions, traits and resources provide the biggest impact on allowing refugees to begin living normal lives as well as better allocating resources with a global view in mind.

Crowdsourcing from refugees and organizations can maximize resource needs as pairing limited resources with needs can be met between government agencies and non-government organizations.

65 Million refugees...

There is nothing small about managing refugee camps and the dogged goal of providing a means for individuals to regain normalcy. The 65 million refugees globally require intensive resource management, communication and coordination between organizations as well as the camps themselves.

Limited resources and a growing refugee population...

Our core belief is that between crowdsourcing at the individual level and using artificial intelligence (deep learning & machine learning methodologies) that insights will come to make the limited resources out there go farther and longer.

Real time global recordkeeping is now possible across all agencies based on refugee camps

By integrating resources at every level of an organization our system can provide the highest return values giving organizations real time insights into what they could provide for a given camp anywhere in the world. Clarity not only of the needs but also the quality and feedback from the refugees themselves.

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